Hillary Clinton Talks To Black Businesses

Hillary Clinton Talks To Black Businesses

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In the days ahead of clinching the Democratic presidential nomination and President Obama’s endorsement, Hillary Clinton released an exclusive video showing her support of the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. and small business. The USBC aired the exclusive video during it’s annual business conference. Following the viewing of the video, USBC President Ron Busby released a statement.

Clinton Is Good For Black Business

“We were one of the 1st black organizations to support Hillary Clinton in the early stages, when it was deemed ‘too early to publicly endorse’ her campaign,” notes Busby. “We’ve said then that we believe she is the best candidate with the best understanding of the economic challenges facing black business owners and small business owners across the board.”

At that time, Busby asserted that “in order for there to be a strong black America, there must be strong black businesses.” Citing the need for a candidate who would “expand access to capital, provide tax relief, and expand access to new markets for black business owners,” he said Clinton was the best person for the job.

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Most recently Secretary Clinton issued a video message to greet the membership of black business owners and Chamber leaders during an annual business conference. Busby went on to say, “we are honored to hear from Hillary Clinton and appreciate her support of our efforts to increase entrepreneurship in the black business community.”

Clinton Has A Plan For Black Businesses

According to the briefing statement on HillaryClinton.com regarding her support for small business, “African Americans have made great progress in small business entrepreneurship. The number of small businesses owned by African American women, for example, has more than quadrupled since 1997. But while small businesses have helped African American families get ahead, they too often face difficulties securing the outside funding they need to grow. Hillary will fight to level the playing field for African American small business owners by cutting red tape, expanding access to capital, providing tax relief, and expanding access to new markets.”

In addition to easing unnecessary regulatory burdens on community banks, which provide credit to small business owners, Clinton has said that she will support innovative new financing modes like impact investing. She will double support for community development financial institutions and the successful State Small Business Credit Initiative, which offers crucial sources of support for small businesses across the country–particularly in underserved communities.

Check Out Clinton’s Video Message: