How A Master's Degree Can Further Your Career

How A Master’s Degree Can Further Your Career

From Brazen Careerist

Earning a master’s degree is more than delaying the inevitability of a crappy job market–it’s an opportunity to gain an advantage over everyone else in your field.

And though disputing the value of a degree is “in” right now, here’s a counterargument for you: it’s not a waste of your time or money; it’s an investment in your future earning power.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. It’s a gap well spent

If you’re unsuccessfully looking for work, you might end up with a long employment gap on your resume. A master’s degree can fill that gap. An advanced degree can also be seen as a reset button.

Young people often get pigeonholed in crappy careers after their first jobs. A master’s degree allows you a chance to get your stuff together and figure out what you really want to do. One friend of mine even transitioned from sports marketing to energy management, a change that would have been almost impossible without the master’s he earned.

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