Be Happier At Work

Keep the Job, Even Without the Passion

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You were excited for the interview, and ecstatic that you got the job. Now, it’s a couple of years later and you no longer have the stars in your eyes. It’s a drain to get up in the morning, and the pep in your step was gone before you even hit the floor. You have fallen out of love with your job. The passion is gone, now what? You may be looking to change careers, but don’t get the early boot. Brazen Careerist has the tips that will make you a happier employee and keep you from losing your job prematurely:

Find positives wherever you can: Does your company treat you to free lunch Fridays? Do you have some great inside jokes with your cube-mate? Does the receptionist make the best pot of coffee you’ve ever had?

Look hard for these little pleasures, and grab onto them like life rafts. Enjoy everything (and anything) you possibly can, and try to let the other stuff glance off of you.

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