How to Interview and Get a Job While Pregnant

Do’s and Don’ts for the Pregnant Job Seeker

Expecting a baby can mean joy, happiness, and a new long-term financial responsibility for many working women. So, pursuing their career goals or searching for new job opportunities doesn’t stop, even while pregnant.

There may seem to be a stigma for women who are noticeably expecting when it comes to job seeking, but that shouldn’t hinder you from continuing to climb up the ladder. AOL Jobs offers a few pointers for soon-to-be mothers, to find success in interviewing and landing that next dream gig.

First, remember that you are not obligated to disclose your pregnancy. Also, it is against state and federal laws for potential employers to ask you any questions about your pregnancy, marital status, or even your future family plans.

So, at what point do you disclose your impending motherhood? You have every right to look for employment without mentioning it.

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