How to Use Google to Land Your Dream Job

How to Use Google to Land Your Dream Job

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We all use the Internet to search for information on whatever we want to find, from how to correctly spell words and names to where to buy that limited-edition pair of shoes. More importantly, people use it to find their next dream gig, but what happens when you search a simple job title and you’re bombarded with hundreds of thousands of results?

Brazen Careerist offers some tricks of the search trade so that you can use Google more effectively to find employment:

Strategic Search: If you know what company you’d like to work for but aren’t sure whether they have jobs available, how do you give them your resume without sending it to a generic email address?

Just use a simple Google search with the company name and position of the person you’d ideally hand your resume to. For example, you could search for “coca cola uk recruitment manager.” More often than not, the first results will include either their company profile (saves you having to trawl through their website) or a LinkedIn profile. Both can be used to get in touch about possible vacancies.

This technique is simple (and pretty obvious), yet it is woefully underused by hopeful job hunters. It really helps to avoid the middleman.

Google Alerts: Another of Google’s handy tools for those who want to be one step ahead of their fellow applicants is Google Alerts.

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