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Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard Sued For Church Discrimination In Another Legal Bout

The news comes after Henyard has already been accused of corruption throughout her tenure as mayor of Dolton, Illinois.

Since beginning her role in 2021, Tiffany Henyard, mayor of Dolton, Illinois, is facing another legal issue. A church in her community is suing Henyard for alleged discrimination.

As reported by Fox 32 on March 7, the Redeemed Christian Church of God Resurrection Power Assembly has filed a lawsuit against the elected official. In the legal filing, the church claims that Henyard did not apply the city’s zoning code, thus prohibiting the religious institution from moving forward with renovation plans.

Its lead pastor claims that the church needed to expand due to its increased number of attendees and should have been allowed to do so under the property’s zoning rules. The church’s attorney stated that the zoning law was unjustly deterred at the mayor’s behest.

“In my all years, I’ve never seen such a blatant disregard for an ordinance and religious civil rights. Religious institutions are permitted in the area under the zoning code. Based on statements from employees, the mayor is calling the shots.”

Mayor Henyard has been known for maintaining a guerilla-style approach to her leadership, described by her constituents as Nino Brown, a character from “New Jack City,” as covered recently on BLACK ENTERPRISE.

Henyard has also been accused of extorting small business owners in the areas, pressuring them to contribute to her campaign or risk losing their companies. She has also allegedly taken millions from the city’s budget to fund her own ventures, such as an extensive security detail and an ice rink that only opens for her events.

Multiple allegations of corruption have been raised against Henyard as the city’s village of trustees struggles to check her power. On Feb. 11, the village trustees passed a resolution for an outside investigation into Henyard’s spending, especially as the city’s debt grows to $7 million. According to NBC 5, Henyard vetoed the resolution at a board meeting on March 4.

The village trustees continue to take action against the public official, imploring the FBI to open an investigation.

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