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Is Your Career Your Calling?

when I tried to say it. I was afraid of others’ responses. I was afraid of the commitment of my words. It was only after a few years of preaching and facing my own fears that I could confidently say, “I am a preacher.” Now I am settled in my “I am” statement. Each day I continue to learn what that means.

A calling is 24 — 7 — 365. A career is 9 — 5. When you are called to do something, however, time is immaterial. You do it whenever you can because you love it. If you are an artist who is called, you feel compelled to capture an image on canvas whenever you are moved or inspired. No schedule or time clock is able to harness your desire, creativity, and passion. Called teachers are compelled to teach whether it is during the school day or not. When you are called, your work cannot be measured by a 9-to-5 schedule.

A calling is what you would do for free. A career is what they have to pay you to do. Sometimes we miss our calling because we think that we can’t make money doing it. We immediately assume that it is just a hobby or a pastime. Many of the services and things that we give away might be exactly what we are being called to do. The wonderful thing about America is that you can make a living doing almost anything.

On the other hand, there are some of us who have not pursued our calling because we think that if we earn money by using our gift or talent, the gift will become contaminated or cursed. We find ourselves captive to old teachings that say, “Money is the root of all evil.” We buy into the notion that there is glory in suffering. We are the martyrs and suffering artists. Let me be perfectly clear: Just because you would do what you are called to do for free doesn’t mean you have to! The fact that you would do it for free is just an indicator of your passion and love for it. You must take a balanced approach to money when it comes to recognizing your calling.

Money and fame should never be the primary factor in determining your calling. Wealth and fame may be the result of pursuing your calling, but they should never be the primary focus. No amount of money or fame can equal the peace and sense of wholeness that come from doing what you are called to do. If your focus is fame and money, fame and money will control your life. Focus
on your gifts and talents and listen for the quiet, still voice. Money and the noise associated with the pursuit of fame make it difficult to hear the divine whisper. Understand that if you honor the calling in your life and follow God’s lead, you will arrive where you need to be. Whether that means wealth and fame — or not — you will be where