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Isabella Strahan Hospitalized After Experiencing Severe Fever

After undergoing a blood transfusion and eye MRI, the model was hospitalized again 12 hours later with a 102°F fever.

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella Strahan, candidly documented her arduous recovery following her first round of chemotherapy for a brain tumor.

In her latest YouTube vlog, the 19-year-old model revealed she ended up back in the hospital due to persistent fevers. “I’ve just been getting a lot of fevers. If you get a fever of 100.4, you have to come in,” Isabella explained.

After an initial three-day stay involving a blood transfusion and eye MRI, she had her chemo port cleaned and was discharged, only to be readmitted less than 12 hours later with a 102-degree F fever. “We left the hospital…and now we’re back less than 12 hours later because I have a fever again. No one can find out what’s wrong,” she said, adding, “This is the worst fever I think I’ve had.”

The March 5 vlog continued with Isabella undergoing unexpected surgery to drain fluid from the back of her head. “I’ll be under anesthesia, but not what I planned…because I didn’t plan on coming back,” she admitted.

As previously covered by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Isabella’s father, Michael, opened up about her setbacks on Good Morning America last month. “The last three days have been rough…she had a fever…I had to take her to the hospital…” the former NFL star told fellow co-anchors Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos on Feb. 21. Though it’s been difficult, he remained optimistic. “It is tough to see her go through it, but I know she’s a tough young lady, and she’s going to make it through.”

BE mentioned that Isabella has been documenting her journey since undergoing an emergency surgery last October to remove a medulloblastoma brain tumor. The model began rehabilitation, and several rounds of radiation treatment after the tumor was removed on Oct. 27, 2023.

Isabella encourages supporters to donate to The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke as she continues to share her journey.

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