Issa Rae On Winning And Not Selling Out With “Rap Sh*t” Season 2

Issa Rae On Winning And Not Selling Out With “Rap Sh*t” Season 2

Rap Sh*t is back for Season 2. Creator Issa Rae and showrunner Syreeta Singleton once again deliver an elevated, inspiring, and poignantly funny series that celebrates Black women and diverse music.

The two executive producers opened up about the new season and how it dives into the complexities of the industry as Shawna and Mia go deeper into this world as emerging rap artists. Picking up where Season 1 left off, viewers will see the rap duo embark on their first tour and learn the inner workings of staying true to themselves in an industry full of questionable energies.

“It’s really about winning,” Issa tells BLACK ENTERPRISE of Season 2’s central theme. “I feel like every character comes in and they’re like determined to win.”

“It’s like whatever it takes, we want to win by any means necessary. I feel like that’s one of the things that we start off the gate with in episode one right at the top. It’s like by any means necessary.”

Episode 1, “Yield,” sees Shawna open up to her family about her music career. All the while, she has a legal case lingering over her head after getting arrested for her credit card fraud at the end of Season 1. She also reconnects with Francois as she works to get over her ex.

Meanwhile, Mia is stressed over leaving her daughter Melissa under her mother’s care while away on tour. Her baby daddy, Lamont, intervenes and has issues with raising their daughter while working as a music engineer.

In Episode 2, “Heavy Traffic,” viewers watch as Mia and Shawna battle over how they’re being represented on tour with the white female rapper Reina Rein. Elsewhere, the trio, along with their manager, Chasity, face issues when networking their way through the music industry.

“There’s definitely conversations about selling out and at what costs are too high to compromise,” Issa says of the Season 2 plotline. “There’s been a conversation about authenticity that our characters have been having with their craft.”

Whether you’re an aspiring music artist, an industry insider, or just a fan of good television, Rap Sh*t is one to watch. Catch Season 2 on MAX every Thursday. Press play below for the full sitdown with Issa and Syreeta.

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