Jada Brown Was Accepted to 141 Colleges; Awarded $5M in Scholarships

Jada Brown Was Accepted into 141 Colleges, Making History With $5 Million in Scholarship Awards

Jada Brown decided to attend LSU when college begins. The teenager was accepted into more than 141 colleges and universities, and she was offered over $5 million in scholarships. Image- Facebook

An 18-year-old scholar from New Orleans named Jada Brown may have broken a remarkable record for racking up scholarship offers this year, after being accepted into more than 141 colleges and universities from across the U.S. Brown was also offered over $5 million in scholarships, according to WSDU.

Sen. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana even took some time to chat with her and acknowledge the scholar’s outstanding academic achievement.



Brown is motivated to be the change she wants to see in the world. She offered encouraging words to others about pursuing their dreams and pushing past negativity.

“Never give up. Never let anybody’s opinions on you dictate your life. So don’t let anyone’s opinions control what you do in life, just do it for you. This is your life. Live it and don’t give up,” Brown said in the news video.





WGNO referred to Brown as the ‘$5 million-dollar girl. According to the station, Brown racked up more money than any high school student in the U.S. this year. Brown said she did not even know there were 141 colleges and universities. Locations of some of them were unfamiliar to her as she tried to piece together more details while opening folders with acceptance letters and details enclosed.

“I’m very happy, blessed, thankful. I was a little overwhelmed but now I’m good,” Brown said, during the interview.

Brown can exhale now. She’s picked a college. The International High School of New Orleans graduate decided to stick close to home and attend Louisiana State University when the next phase of her academic journey begins. Brown also aspires to become a dentist, according to WGNO.