Jason Whitlock: White Liberals Make Blacks 'Live Up to Our Skin Color'
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Jason Whitlock Says White Liberals Make Blacks ‘Live Up to Our Skin Color’

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Controversial political commentator Jason Whitlock made an appearance late last week on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight where he claimed that white liberals make Blacks feel like their “most defining characteristic is” their “skin color” and that “no one else has to live up to their skin color,” according to RedState.

The discussion with Carlson focused on The Associated Press making a decision to capitalize the “B” in the word “Black” when describing Black Americans and/or Black culture in their updated stylebook for writers, which was announced back in June.

“It is a way of defining to Black people that your most prized possession, your greatest asset, your most defining characteristic is your skin color. No one else has to live up to their skin color. They are free to accentuate their intelligence, their faith in God, their commitment to family, their love of freedom,” said Whitlock.

“But we, as Black people, as defined by the white liberals, in my view, running the mainstream media, running Hollywood, we have to live up to our skin color above all else, and that’s just not much of an attribute, in terms of—it’s great packaging. I’m very proud of being Black. But that’s not my No. 1 attribute.

“I want to be defined by my faith in God. I want to be defined by my intelligence. That’s what I want people to see when they think about me, not my skin color.

Watch the full interview below.