JavaScript Scholarship Alert – Apply Now!

JavaScript Scholarship Alert – Apply Now!


The Black Technology Professionals of New York have alerted me to a fantastic scholarship opportunity that covers up to 100% of the cost of learning JavaScript, one of the most used, most essential computer programming languages there is.

In an email, Tyrone Terrence McKinney, a senior technology consultant who organizes BTP-NY meetups, explained to me that the scholarship is for CS Prep, “a remote, structured program that teaches core JavaScript concepts and engineering interview best practices. CS Prep offers a two-week, live online course which is taught via live lectures, pair programming sessions, and mock interviews; and a four-week self-directed course which provides weekly assessments and academic check-ins. Both courses are guided by a dedicated engineering mentor.”

To qualify for the scholarship, McKinney says applicants must be either:

  • Exceptional candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups in tech
  • Candidates who demonstrate great potential in at least two of the five capacities that make an exceptional engineer

The 5 Capacities of a Great Engineer

In his email McKinney provided a link to those five capacities, and I immediately clicked on it. I was eventually taken to Quora, the knowledge-sharing website, from which the five bullet points below are quoted:

  • Analytical problem-solving – How do you use code as a tool to reason about new problems you face in the technical interview
  • Technical communication – Talking through your code precisely and clearly (a huge part of what makes an effective engineer)
  • Non-technical communication – Will you be thoughtful and supportive of others through the tough hours and work
  • How you handle hitting a block – How do you debug, take feedback when you hit a block in your understanding (we make sure you hit a moment like this in the interview)
  • JavaScript experience – This is surprisingly not the best predictor of growth rate but is the fifth most important factor

To be eligible, McKinney says you must first complete the program application, then complete the scholarship application.

To learn more, visit the CS Prep website—but hurry, the first deadline is April 4! The second is May 14.

Good luck!