How to Re-Invent Yourself in the Job Market

Job Insecurity: How To Re-Invent Yourself in the Market

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In today’s economy the bottom line is what matters. Companies are looking for ways to cut costs and improve profits. A job with stability is few and far between. Dedication and loyalty are no longer deciding factors in career growth. To remain relevant in today’s job market, it is imperative you continuously reinvent yourself. Brazen Careerist lists three factors for long-term gain in the job market.

1. Be dispensable

Conventional wisdom says you want to be indispensable. But if you’re indispensable, you’ll always be stuck in the same job at the same level, always be working toward another level up in terms of skill sets. If you reach a spot in your current company where you can’t go higher, someone else will always find a spot for you.

There are always openings for people who get things done. And if there isn’t, they are created.

2. Think like an entrepreneur

Even as an employee in the corporate world, to succeed at a high level, you must think like an entrepreneur. Make decisions as if it were your business and your money.

That doesn’t mean playing it safe. It means being bold and looking for opportunities. Think like Facebook and other tech startups. Move fast.

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