Jobs in Demand: Pharmacy Professionals Talk Career Advancement

Jobs in Demand: Pharmacy Professionals Talk Career Advancement

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Brian Keys

Age: 33

Profession: Managing Pharmacist

Daily Grind: With only a few years under his belt, Brian Keys has already achieved great success in his profession. Having been recently promoted to managing pharmacist, Keys oversees pharmacy technicians and pharmacists in the central pharmacy at one of Houston’s busiest hospitals. He is committed to ensuring prescription accuracy, high-quality patient care and reliable administration.

After working as a lab technician, Keys became fascinated with the profound impact that one small pill could have on someone’s condition. “Learning that a medication could change someone’s life” led him to ultimately pursue the profession. Pharmacists aren’t just “pill pushers,” he says. Instead he describes them as “drug experts” and takes pride in providing patient education and safety when it comes to medication.

Always Learning: Realizing that medicine is constantly evolving, Keys strives to remain knowledgeable of the latest advancements in the industry. “It’s important to stay relevant,” he says. When the demands of his career become overwhelming, Keys stays grounded through his passion for music. He plays the piano and is currently learning the guitar.

Tips for the Trade: Brian takes his job very seriously and encourages those interested in pharmacy to keep their minds open about all that the profession has to offer.  Many black students shy away from careers in science and math, however,  Keys’ position is that you shouldn’t be intimidated by the profession. If you are willing and dedicated, the hard work will certainly pay off, he adds.