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Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Records

The Department of Veterans Affairs Budget will:
– Increase funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs by $25 billion above baseline over the next five years.
– Dramatically increase funding for veterans health care.
– Expand eligibility for veterans’ health care to over 500,000 veterans who were previously denied care by 2013.
– Enhance outreach and services related to mental health care and cognitive injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, with a focus on access for veterans in rural areas.
– Invest in better technology to deliver services and benefits to veterans with the quality and efficiency they deserve.
– Provide greater benefits to veterans who are medically retired from service.
– Combat homelessness by safeguarding vulnerable veterans.
– Facilitate timely implementation of the comprehensive education benefits that veterans earn through their dedicated military service.

(Source: White House)