Jumpstart Your Business in Africa

Jump-Starting Your Global Business: Africa-America Institute Presenting Speaker Series

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On Feb. 12, from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. EST, the Africa-America Institute (AAI) will be hosting a speaker series, featuring leading global business leaders in New York City. The discussion will provide entrepreneurs with ideas and innovations to help build their businesses in Africa. Professionals and business owners who have experience in launching businesses in Africa from various industries will lead the panel and drive the conversation.

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The organization will offer attendees the opportunity to learn and gain insight on what to expect when launching your business, what challenges one can expect to face and how to access funds and earn greater opportunities. The panel of experts will also provide additional tips and advice on ways to promote sustainable economic expansion and how to compel larger investments in Africa.

The event will be moderated by President and CEO of the AAI, Amini Kajunju. Panelists will include Shaka Kariuki, Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer, Kuramo Capital Management; Aubrey Hruby, Visiting Fellow, Africa Center, Atlantic Council; and Mahesh K. Kotecha, President and founder of Structured Credit International Corp. (SCIC).

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