How To Jumpstart Your Personal Brand After Becoming A Mom
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Jumpstarting Your Personal Brand After Mommy-hood

“When you re-invent allow your brand to speak for itself, take your time and feel pretty–pray, light candles, walk, and remember you are the most important person. Re-invention is about weathering the storm, claiming victory, being comfortable in one’s skin and making no apologies. That’s what re-invention and mommy-hood are all about,” says Monica.

I learned that regardless of age, socioeconomic status, and career choice, there is no quick fix for re-invention when it comes to mommies.

Monica’s Re-Invention Tips for Women:

1. Be Faithful. Spirituality is key and will play a major role in life. Don’t fight it; just accept the fact that you are not in control.
2. Prioritize. Your kids and family comes first.
3. De-clutter. Negativity becomes a hindrance. Clear out things that no longer work–be they relationships, jobs, or items from your past.
4. Respect Yourself. Don’t sell yourself short for anyone or any opportunity.
5. Ownership is Key. You are your own boss, act and do what you want to do, when you want to do it.
6. Assemble an A-Team: Your support system and relationships are key ingredients for re-invention. Conjure up the female power. Join a support group like Mocha Moms.

I would love to hear from you about re-invention post babies. What did you do to get your personal brand back in gear?

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