Juror in Young Thug Case Ordered to Pen 30-Page Essay as Punishment for Missing Court Date

Juror in Young Thug Case Ordered to Pen 30-Page Essay as Punishment for Missing Court Date

The trial of Young Slime Life’s (YSL) Young Thug is being watched closely by the world, due to the rapper’s influence and popularity.

According to Channel 2 Action News, a woman who is being identified as Juror No. 64 is being uncharacteristically punished because she chose to go on a trip to the Dominican Republic instead of showing up for jury duty.

Earlier this week, after Juror No. 64 did not show up in court, deputies informed Judge Ural Glanville that the person was expected to report to jury selection on Monday. When he was told of her misdeed, he told the deputies to take her into custody when she did make her return to the courthouse. When she did show up, the juror told Glanville that she previously contacted the court to inform them of her trip and also sent them an itinerary of the trip.

Glanville initially planned on holding the juror in contempt of court, but he decided to give her a different penalty instead. On Thursday, the judge ordered Juror No. 64 to pen a 30-page essay, including 20 different sources, on the importance of serving on a jury. She’s been given three weeks to complete the assignment, and must present the essay to the judge Feb. 13.

Not only must she write the piece, but she was given instructions from him that specified the style and sources needed. He also warned the juror that he would be checking the essay to ensure that there isn’t any sign of plagiarism.

Young Thug was arrested last May after being charged with conspiracy to violate the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) and participating in street gang activity.

The recording artist, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, was joined in court last week with 13 of his co-defendants. He has been accused of heading an alleged affiliate of the Bloods street gang and being responsible for murders, armed robberies, and assaults committed between January 2015 and May 2022.

His labelmate, rapper Gunna, pleaded guilty along with seven other co-defendants to charges made against them.

Glanville informed the jurors that this trial is expected to last six to nine months.