Olabinjo Osundairo, Abimbola Osundairo, Jussie Smollett

‘I Find It Very Interesting’: Jussie Smollett’s Accomplices Question Timing Of His Rehab Announcement

Abimbola (Bola) and Olabinjo (Ola) Osundairo, the brothers who allegedly helped actor Jussie Smollett carry out an elaborate hate crime hoax in 2019, say they are suspicious of the actor’s recent decision to enter rehab.

Smollett was found guilty on six counts of felony disorderly conduct and sentenced to 150 days in jail and ordered to pay $120,106 after he reported that he had been attacked by two homophobic and racist Trump supporters. Smollett was released from jail after appealing his conviction.  

The Osundairo brothers say that the actor may be trying to garner sympathy from the courts amid his pending appeal.  

“I find it very interesting that he decided to check in at this moment, on the verge of the appeal being decided upon. And I think you, yourself, and anyone with a brain can find it a little suspicious that it’s this moment that he’s used and people are skeptical,” Bola told TMZ. 

The brothers say that they have never known the actor to have a substance abuse problem, but they did admit to seeing him use drugs recreationally. 

“If you really do have a problem. We hope you get well and you find the help that you need.” Ola said.

Bola encouraged his former friend to come clean. 

“They’re not lying by saying that it will set you free. So once you come out and speak your truth, the truth, not just your truth, because your truth can be a little wishy washy, you know? I think. You’ll feel better.” 

Olabinja, an aspiring actor, told The Daily Mail  that he helped Smollett carry out the hoax because he thought it could be beneficial to him and his brother’s acting careers. 

“I was down to do it, cause if we could do this for him, he could probably help us out with our careers,” he said.

Abimbola testified that Smollett paid he and his brother $3,500 for assisting him in the staged attack.

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