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Kevin Hart Believes Ex-Assistant Was Listening To His Private Conversations ‘Through Walls’ In Tasha K Lawsuit

Kevin Hart is going after Tasha K following her messy tell-all with an ex-assistant he believes eavesdropped on his private conversations.

Kevin Hart is the latest celebrity going after gossip vlogger Tasha K following her messy tell-all with his former assistant whom he believes eavesdropped on his private conversations by listening “through walls.”

The comedian/entrepreneur is going full steam ahead with his civil extortion lawsuit against Tasha K, her company Yellen Entertainment, and his former staffer Miesha Shakes. According to the “Night School” star, Shakes’ interview with Tasha K went live on December 22, 2023, after he allegedly refused to pay $250,000 to prevent the video from going up, Radar Online reports.

Hart claims that Shakes, who worked for him from August 2017 to October 2020, made “false and defamatory” statements throughout her explosive sit-down with Tasha K (real name Latasha Kebe). She allegedly lied that the box-office star “made a secret video recording of a romantic encounter I had in Las Vegas 2017 and that I faced criminal charges regarding that surreptitious recording,” according to the suit.

“I did not record any such video, and I have never been criminally charged with doing so,” Hart declared in the filing.

The father of four went on to accuse Shakes of disclosing his “private information” that was not made public including information regarding his infamous 2017 cheating scandal against his wife Eniko Hart.

“For example, she spoke about my interactions with my wife during the time period after revelations regarding the Las Vegas incident had come to light,” the filing states.

According to the docs, Shakes eavesdropped on a private conversation Hart was having with his security guard about the cheating scandal and relayed this information to Tasha K during her interview.

“I understand from speaking with my security personnel, and Shakes admitted during the interview, that Shakes obtained some of the information she discussed in the interview by covertly listening through the walls, with her ear to the wall, to private interactions occurring behind closed doors at our offices,” Hart’s lawsuit states.

Hart is calling out Shakes for her messy tell-all he says caused “damage to my reputation, and thus to my present and future business and financial prospects.”

Tasha K and Shakes have both asked the courts to dismiss the lawsuit. Tasha K cites no wrongdoing or malice in her interview and Shakes claims the non-disclosure agreement she signed was invalid and she didn’t make any derogatory statements in her interview.

Hart is the second high-profile celebrity to take legal action against Tasha K following Cardi B’s victory against the vlogger in a defamation suit that ended last year. Tasha K has been trying to get off the hook from the more than $3.4 million she owes the “Bodak Yellow” rapper. But not even her bankruptcy filing could stop the federal courts from upholding the judgment.