Trina's Brother's Death: Rob Dobson Arrested in Connection With Death

Arrest Finally Made After Trina’s Brother Gunned Down

trinaAfter learning her brother was fatally shot on 91st Street in Northwest Miami Tuesday morning, police have finally arrested a man suspected of murdering rapper Trina’s brother, Wilbert Bain.

According to, 27-year-old Rob Dobson is currently facing second-degree murder, and was being held in Miami’s Dade County without bail as of Wednesday morning. Neighbors told Miami’s NBC 6 that Bain and Dobson were friends, and lived just around the corner from each other.

“After [Rob] was read his Miranda rights, [he] confessed to his involvement in the victim’s death, the affidavit said,” reports Bain’s sister, along with many neighboring friends and family are extremely saddened by his death. “He was a very good kid,” Rev. Gary Johnson said of Bain. “It’s unfortunate. It’s a terrible tragedy.”