Lala Anthony's 'The Love Playbook' Makes NYTimes Best Sellers List

Lala’s New Book Makes NY Times Best Sellers List

Last week on Tuesday, Jan 28th, Lala Anthony’s book The Love Playbook went on sale.

Less than a week later the book found its way to the number one spot in the advice category. Like Steve Harvey’s literary success Think Like A Man, Lala’s book focuses on relationship advice.

Madame Noire reports: “As we told you earlier, “The Love Playbook” is Lala’s first attempt at a relationship guide, aimed at helping women avoid some of the mistakes she and her friend’s have made with men. Hence, the play-by-play tips like “the ball is in the woman’s court,” “love yourself first,” and “if you can’t be yourself with a man, you can’t be with that man.”

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