Le Parcel Delivers Feminine Products Directly to Your Door

New Service Delivers Feminine Products Directly to Your Door

New Subscription Service Delivers Tampons

New Subscription Service Delivers Tampons

Le Parcel is a new monthly subscription service that allows buyers to choose their favorite brand of feminine hygiene products, and then delivers those products along with chocolates on a monthly basis.

Users of the service login to a website which currently holds more than 30 different products including tampons, pads, and panty lines. Buyers choose between brands, including Tampax, Kotex, Always and Playtex. Users pay $15 per month and can mix and match products, depending on their cycle’s needs.

Users can indicate when in the month they need their shipments to arrive, to ensure the box comes before its actually needed.

Le Parcel is not the first startup to offer feminine hygiene products via the web. Several other sites offer similar services on a single or monthly basis. Amazon.com also sells feminine hygiene products, at a much lower price.

Le Parcel hopes to attract women who see the convenience  of this service, and those who can’t find their favorite brands locally. Some users have said the service seems like a good start but needs more features before they’d use it. One poster on Techcrunch suggested the site offer an Ovulation and Period calendar so users wouldn’t have to manually change the delivery date.

Another poster suggested she’d “just carry her own tampons in her purse” and added “I bet no one’s thought of that…except every woman ever.”

SOURCE: TechCrunch