Lessons From a Technology Strategist
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Lessons In Mastery

Kerrie Holley, IBM Fellow and Global Business Services Chief Technology Officer

When you look at where the demand is for skill sets, there continues to be a demand for people who have deep knowledge of their industry with [some] computer background, such as those who are really good in retail–how to grow retail stores and what works in terms of merchandising or marketing. You cannot, in today’s marketplace, be generic. You can’t just be a project manager. You have to be a project manager who’s good at building retail applications.

There are 14-year-olds who can write software. You don’t want to compete against a 14-year-old, you want to do what a 14-year-old can’t do, and that is helping a business advance itself. And that’s where your experience will play a big role. When you complement that with these emerging technologies, pretty good opportunities are going to be out there.