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NY Attorney General Letitia James Tallies Trump’s Fraud Bill

James' calculations on Trump's financial fraud case gathered social media spectators who were "here for the daily shade."

New York Attorney General Letitia James publicly tallied the ballooning interest owed on the over $350 million in damages Donald Trump was ordered to pay after being found guilty of civil fraud.

Following the victory against Trump and his company earlier this month, James noted on X, formerly Twitter, “In a massive victory, we won our case against Donald Trump for engaging in years of incredible financial fraud.” The Feb. 16 post revealed a total penalty of over $450 million in “disgorgement and interest.”

With interest currently accumulating at over $100,000 daily, James highlighted the updated total last Friday: “$464,576,230.62.” She then did the math on Saturday’s added interest: “+$114,553.04.” On Sunday, she posted the new sum: “+$114,553.04 = $464,805,336.70.”

James’ calculations on Trump’s financial fraud stirred up some mixed feelings, and X users took to the platform to voice their opinions. “This is beneath the office of the Attorney General,” one user stressed, while another agreed James “weaponized her position” to “go after” Trump “unjustly due to political bias.”

On the other hand, some spectators were “here for the daily shade.”

“This is too funny!” another user posted, ecstatic that “Attorney General James has held Donald Trump accountable and is letting him know!”

As recently covered by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Trump and his company were found guilty of fraud and ordered to pay $355 million in penalties by a New York judge. A day after, the businessman appeared at Sneaker Con to debut his new $399 “Never Surrender” high-tops.

James’ investigation into Trump’s financial dealings ignited back in 2018 as she prepared to take office as the first African American and the first woman to be elected as attorney general in New York. BE mentioned that she revealed plans to “use every area of the law to investigate…Trump,” his business transactions and his family.

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