'Price Went Up': Artist Lizzo Gets Emotional After 'Man With the Golden Flute' Sends Christmas Video
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‘Price Went Up’: Lizzo Gets Emotional After ‘Man With the Golden Flute’ Sends Christmas Video

Lizzo crying tears; screenshot of Lizzo gets Christmas video from Flutist James Galway's Christmas video to Lizzo
(Images: Instagram/@lizzobeeating/Screenshots)

Lizzo cried tears of joy after she received some season’s greetings from flute legend James Galway.

The Grammy Award-winning singer and skilled flute player took to Twitter on Christmas to share a beautiful video she received from fellow flutist Galway, who is renowned in the art form and known as “The Man with the Golden Flute.”

In the video, Galway sat in front of a lit-up Christmas tree and played “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” on his flute. He then looked at the camera and sent a special message to Lizzo.

“Merry Christmas, Lizzo, from your number one fan!” he said.

Lizzo shared the video on Twitter to express how overjoyed she was by the special video message.

“This is the greatest gift @sirjamesgalway wished *me* a merry Christmas!!” she wrote. “Price went up”


In a follow up video, Lizzo shared her emotional reaction to the video.

“Is that f*****g James Galway?” she asked.

Fans of the “Juice” singer joined her in celebrating the iconic moment. Lizzo continues to rise up the ranks of pop superstardom with her hit records and dedicated fan club.

Earlier this month, Lizzo brought 17 activists with her on stage at the People’s Choice Awards to accept the People’s Champion Award, one of two honors she received that night and one her mother Shari Johnson-Jefferson, presented to her, People reports.

“To be an icon isn’t about how long you’ve had your platform. Being an icon is what you do with that platform,” Lizzo said.

“Ever since the beginning of my career I’ve used my platform to amplify marginalized voices. Tonight, I’m sharing this honor.”

The activists Lizzo brought on stage with her include Mari Copeny, Shirley Raines, Yasmine Aker, Emiliana Guereca, Esther Young Lim, Felicia “Fe” Montes, Jayla Rose Sullivan, Kara Roselle Smith, Maggie Mireles Thomas, Amelia Bonow, Odilia Romero, Tarlan Rabizadeh, Sahar Pirzada, Chandi Moore, Crystal Echo Hawk, Reshma Saujani, and Tamika Palmer.