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Lloyd Ward: Victim or Villain?

about the plan.No deal was struck.

Ward requests that his ally, USOC President Sandy Baldwin, resign after it is revealed she misrepresented her credentials by stating that she earned a doctorate degree that she did not have.

Ward signs the USOC Annual Disclosure Certification, denying any conflicts of interest.

Marty Mankamyer, an opponent of Ward, becomes USOC president. She immediately notifies USOC Ethics Oversight Committee Chairman Kenneth Duberstein about reports of allegations concerning Ward. The allegations are found to be false.

The Ethics Oversight Committee reviewed the allegations that were made concerning Ward’s involvement with EMT. Former USOC Ethics Compliance Officer Patrick Rodgers alleges that Ward tried to steer business to his brother’s company.

News of the USOC ethics panel investigation of Ward is leaked to the press. Calls for Ward’s resignation begin

USOC President Mankamyer is linked to the press leaks and is accused of obstructing the investigation. Mankamyer is asked to resign. She agrees, but then refuses. The independent ethics panel concludes that Ward “created the appearance of a conflict of interest,” but did not violate the USOC ethics code.

Mankamyer resigns as USOC president. The USOC executive board gives Ward an exemplary job review, but withholds his $184,800 bonus because of the results of the ethics investigation. New allegations surface, charging that Ward improperly billed travel expenses for himself and his wife. No wrongdoing is found.

Ward resigns as CEO of the USOC.

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