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Local Politics Unlocked! Jason Lee Runs for Stockton City Council

Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee is gearing up for his political career, making it to the general election for a Stockton City Council seat.

Jason Lee gears up for his political career. The Hollywood Unlocked CEO currently leads the race for a city council seat in Stockton, California.

Before he can officially represent the people of District 6, Lee may have to go head-to-head in a runoff election against Vice Mayor Kimberly Warmsley. If the election comes to a runoff, the vote will be held in November.

Polling thus far has Lee in a substantial lead, holding nearly 42% at the polls with 2,070 votes. As reported by Live Voter Turnout, Warmsley is a little over 30% with 1,520 votes. Four other candidates are also in the race but are polling between 6 to 8% each.

However, Lee is celebrating the little wins. Upon making it to the general, the 46-year-old posted a congratulatory picture to his Instagram on the news.

“Stockton, thank you for believing in me! We came out on top and made it to the general. If you thought that campaign was something, wait until you see what’s next,” shared the self-proclaimed cultural critic. “There are still 33,000 uncounted ballots, and we are trending up, so the numbers will definitely shift. I love my hometown more than anything in the world, and the fact that we came out on top shows that you love me, too. Together, we are going to transform the city into the oasis we all know it to be. I AM READY for what’s next, as @malcolmxb_ would say, ‘ARE YOU?'”

Lee would need 50 percent plus one of the total votes in order to win in the primary. Debates on his candidacy stem from voter concerns about his current residence in the area and returning to his hometown. He stated in a forum that he wishes to help Stockton youth, grounding his campaign in community engagement and economic development.

Meanwhile, his biggest opponent has been a member of the city council for the past three years. According to BET News, Warmsley has run her reelection campaign to further her achievements in the role.

Lee grew up in Stockton with his mother, whose drug addiction led him to enter the foster care system. Alongside his success in entertainment news and media, he worked in community organizing and still advocates for criminal justice reform. He continues down the campaign trail as he awaits the results of his political ambitions.