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Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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Out of the way for business, but worth checking out.” (148 Holloway Rd.; 011 44 20 7609 2082)

“Funky Buddha is an international hip-hop scene with a great diversity of people.” (15 Berkeley Sq.; 011 44 20 7495 2596)
“Jazz Café is where you can hear a lot of neo-Soul like The Roots and The Black Eyed Peas.” (5 Parkway, Camden Town; 011 44 20 7916 6060)

“During rush hour, the tube is the easiest way to get around London. There’s no air conditioning and there’s limited service. Black cabs are the easiest for short trips off rush hour and after 12 a.m. I wouldn’t recommend mini cabs. They are unregulated, similar to gypsy cabs,” says Jones. For lone female travelers, there are also Lady Cabs driven by women.

Traveling from the U.S., only a passport is required. The American Embassy is located at 24 Grosvenor Sq.; 011 44 20 7499.

As of press date, one British pound equaled $1.66. “I tend to use my credit card for all major expenses. For pocket money, I withdraw from a local ATM. You tend to get better rates from cards and ATM withdrawals.”

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