Los Angeles County Attempts to Get Vanessa Bryant Case Thrown Out

Los Angeles County Attempts to Get Vanessa Bryant Case Thrown Out

Vanessa Bryant (Instagram)

The ongoing case that Vanessa Bryant has filed against Los Angeles County has taken another turn.

Bryant is suing LA County after police officers and firefighters reportedly distributed photos of the death scene of her husband’s Kobe‘s Bryant’s helicopter crash.

According to USA Today, Los Angeles County recently filed a motion for a summary judgment against Kobe’s widow stating that she never saw the photos of her dead husband and daughter. Based on that, she has no standing to sue the county over the photographs that were deleted and that the pics were never shared with the public at large.

The document was filed in court on Monday with LA county. Several weeks ago, Los Angeles County requested the therapy records of Bryant, including sessions that date back as far as January 2012. This was done after LA County asked that Bryant take a psychiatric exam as part of her lawsuit against Los Angeles County. A federal judge denied the request.

Last year, attorneys for Vanessa Bryant filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the company that operated the helicopter that caused the deaths of her husband, 13-year-old daughter, and seven other passengers. Bryant’s complaint, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, is against Island Express Helicopters, Island Express Holding Corp., and the pilot’s estate, Ara Zobayan.

The wrongful death lawsuit stated that the pilot was negligent by flying in foggy and cloudy conditions on Jan. 26, and he should have aborted the flight.

Bryant is suing the county for invasion of privacy and negligence in a case that accuses county sheriff’s and fire department employees of improperly sharing photos of human remains from a helicopter crash last year that killed nine, including the NBA legend and their daughter.

If a judge grants the motion from LA County then her lawsuit will be over, pending any appeal. If not, her case will proceed to trial in February.