Are You That Loud Coworker? Here's How to Turn it Down

Are You That Loud Coworker? Here’s How to Turn it Down

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

She’s the loud peer who’s a great worker but often speaks in loud tones and with an attitude. He’s the guy with the obnoxious laugh and a voice that intimidates, leaving you afraid to crack the slightest bit of humor or voice polite disagreement.

Some of us could be offending our peers and even diminishing our professional reputation because of heightened voice volume or actions that may seem uncouth. Whether we’re just trying to make a point, or are simply unaware, it’s a good idea to know when to turn it all down a notch.

Madame Noire offers the signs that you might be too loud and aggressive in the office and how you can reassess.

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