Low and Middle Income Moms Hit Hardest by ‘Financial Stress’

A study by financial education company, Financial Finesse, finds that mothers ages 30 to 55 earning less than $60,000 a year, report “high” or “overwhelming” levels of stress at a much higher rate than other groups.

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According to the study, 55% of women in this group report “high” or “overwhelming” levels of financial stress. That’s 40% more than similar-aged male parents in the same income group. In fact, women were more likely to report significantly higher levels of financial stress in every age group.

“While it’s no surprise to any working mother that juggling competing financial needs is stressful, small steps over time can create financial balance for families at any income level,” said Liz Davidson, Financial Finesse CEO.

Davidson suggests:

  • Building an emergency fund over time
  • Tracking expenses to find ways to save in order to pay down high interest debt and
  • Taking full advantage of employer-sponsored benefits at work

The study also found that “a lack of a sense of control” is a primary factor for those reporting high or overwhelming financial stress, with 84% of those facing overwhelming stress describing their current financial situation as “not under control.”

As for the least stressed group, that title went to men under 30, with 26% reporting that they have “no financial stress at all.”