Malacka Reed: Makeup and Motivation

Malacka Reed: Makeup and Motivation

Struggles. We all experience them somehow— some of us more often than others. What separates people is whether they can overcome them or allow it to consume them. There are many who use their struggle as a means to fuel their success, or at least they won’t let it overtake and defeat them.

This is the story of motivational speaker, Malacka Reed. To understand that you have a gift is one thing. To understand that you should utilize that gift in order to help others is in itself a different gift.

When you can motivate others who are going through what you went through and make a career out of it and feel good in the process, then you know you’ve chosen the right field. spoke to Reed about what motivates her, her past, present and future journey. Who is Malacka Reed and why should we know you?

Malacka Reed is the owner and founder of Skai Ryan Cosmetics, motivational speaker, author, and mentor. Writing books and speeches are inspirational to others and to myself as well. Most people can relate to my story and it comforts them to know someone else has gone through what they have gone through or currently going through. My book will empower you and give you comfort. Most people you admire and are successful, they do have a dark past. I am you and you are me.

You’re big on women’s empowerment, what led you on this path and how does it feel when you are speaking to women about this subject?

I was empowering when I didn’t feel empowered myself. This has been an innate talent God has given to me. From being broken to being whole. The life I speak to women who are broken is empowering. It makes me feel really good because they receive and think about what I say. They relate what I say to their lives. It empowers me to keep going when I receive the emotion and responses from them. When I speak, I inspire myself because I am speaking from my higher self. Higher and lower self live inside of me everyday.

How did you get into doing makeup and what motivates you to do the job?

At 13 years old, I wanted to be a makeup artist. I also wanted to always have my own line of makeup. I would sneak and wear makeup and everyone came to my house to prepare for a night out or in the bathroom in school to do my friends makeup. I decided to embark on the journey to become a business owner of a cosmetic line. It was always a passion of mine.

I can change a person’s day and emotion from feeling insecure to doing a makeover from the inside out and the client being secure with who they are and how they are. I speak life to and into them, as well as apply makeup. They open up once they sit down in my chair. I work on them by speaking life into what they feel bad about. It makes me feel confident as I raise their confidence in 30 minutes. Even if it is only for one day, but I hope it would last a lifetime.

You’re written a book, I’m Ready For My Close Up, what is the book about and what made you decide to write it?

It is about my journey. I had to write about my journey because I developed a big name for myself globally. They have found admiration in me and look up to me and can sometimes put me on a pedestal. It sometimes made me feel uncomfortable and not deserving. We have the same battles and struggles but we are the same. The bottom line is, I have been through hell and found my way to the light and out of darkness. I feel I have been delivered and healed. I wanted people to know I didn’t come from privilege. When you read my book, you feel like “If she can do it, I can do it.”  I have no problem feeling vulnerable, if it will help others. I wanted to tell my story and not let someone else tell my story and I wanted to bite the head off the devil first.

Growing up, you lived in the projects, had children in your teens, yet, you didn’t let that stop you from achieving a level of success. Was there a time that you can recall, that was the turning point in terms of possibly heading in the wrong direction, that you turned it around and made it work for you?

The turning point was at age 16, when I had my first child and I describe her as “My why?”  She was my why I need to change our situation. Why we need to go from being a failure to be a success. From being average to good to great. Why you need to step your game up. Hold yourself accountable for everything that has happened in your life. You can be a self made person of power. Why, do I need to stop all this foolishness and make my dream a reality. Why I needed to start living and not just existing.

You motivate others but what and/or who motivates you?

I have a lot of mentors I follow:  Maya Angelou (rest in peace), my children, Les Brown. Cosmetic owners. I am motivated by greatness. I love listening to other motivational speakers before I can turn on the radio. I love gospel music. When I feel down, I will turn on Pandora and listen to gospel. My need to want more motivates me. More in life, to change my way of living.

Do you see a relation between your book and Skai Ryan Cosmetics; a creative similarity?

My book is a makeover/life changer for a woman, the same goes for makeup, so they do go hand in hand.

What is in the future for Malacka Reed?

The future for Malacka Reed … I see myself with my own talk show; my book turned into a TV series or movie. Expanding Skai Ryan into retail stores. I want to open a home for homeless women and people with HIV/AIDS. My foundation is named after my mother who passed away last year. The Gwendolyn Ruffin Rivera House of Hope. And, of course, more books.

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