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Boston Man Files Lawsuit Against White Nationalist Group For Brutal Beating During March

Charles Murrell III of Boston has filed a lawsuit against the white nationalist group Patriot Front following a brutal beating inflicted upon him by the organization’s members. The attack occurred near the Boston Public Library on July 2, 2022, where Murreplayeding the saxophone during a march in which white supremacist insignia was openly displayed.

According to the Associated Press, Murrell and his legal counsel seek to bankrupt the Patriot Front and send a clear message to other hate groups.

“Because I am a teacher, because I come from special education, I am filing this suit so that even if one of them has a safer sidewalk to walk on, the work that I am doing will have been very much worth it,” he said.

The march was attended by over 100 members of the white nationalist group, carrying banners with “Reclaim America” plastered onto them. Similar “demonstrations” have been held throughout the country; attendees are often dressed in khaki pants, dark shirts, hats, sunglasses, and face coverings to conceal their identities and thwart legal repercussions.

No charges have been filed concerning the attack on the 36-year-old Murrell; however, his lawsuit claims his injuries were significant.

“As a result of this beating, Mr. Murrell sustained physical injuries to his face, head, and hand, all of which required medical attention. Mr. Murrell also continues to suffer significant emotional distress to this day as a result of the incident,” the suit says. “Among other harms, those physical and emotional injuries have adversely affected Mr. Murrell’s ability to earn a living as a musician.”

As extremist groups become increasingly emboldened, it’s become clear that violence is not only accepted but encouraged by members.

“What happened to Mr. Murrell was no accident,” the suit says. “For years, Patriot Front … has publicly and privately advocated for the use of violence against those who disagree with its express goal of creating an entirely ‘white’ United States.”

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