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Meet Joe Biden

toughened penalties for selling drugs near play grounds and schools, as well as increased penalties for drug use and drug trafficking in prisons.

In a joint effort with Les Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden developed a five-point plan proposing a political solution to end the war in Iraq. The plan called for the establishment of a limited central government responsible for protecting Iraq’s borders and distributing oil revenues. In September 2007, an amended version of the plan composed by Biden and Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback passed a Senate vote.

Unlike his running mate, the senator voted against the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in July. The FISA Amendment authorizes warrantless surveillance of Americans while providing immunity to telecommunications companies that assisted government surveillance.

Biden is passionate about labor unions and providing adequate living for middle class Americans. In a June 2007 speech on the Senate floor, he stressed that “union membership mean more security. Union jobs earn 30% more than non-union jobs.” He supports the Employee Free Choice Act, which would establish strong penalties for violation of employee rights when workers form a union and during contract negotiations.

As healthcare and social security remain at the forefront of political debate, Biden supports strengthening the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug program. Namely, he has pushed for the allowance of the federal government to directly negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies to help lower drug prices for consumers. He also supports speeding up the availability of generic drugs.