Members Of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Are Donating $19.08 To The Biden-Harris Campaign

Members Of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Are Donating $19.08 To The Biden-Harris Campaign

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Sen. Kamala Harris (Image: Twitter)

Ever since it was announced that Kamala Harris would be Joe Biden’s running mate for vice president ahead of the November presidential election, members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. have been rallying behind the senator who joined the organization during her time at Howard University as an undergraduate. Now, members have been actively donating $19.08 to the Biden-Harris campaign.

The donations started earlier when the California senator was campaigning to be the Democratic presidential nominee and then dropped out, later joining the Biden campaign as his running mate. Since that announcement, members have continued to send donations with the exact number amount that represents the year the sorority was founded on Howard University’s campus.

“I’ve never seen people give in such a specific increment ever before,” said Clayton Cox, finance director for the Democratic National Committee to Roll Call. “The week after she was announced, I was getting one every 15 minutes,” says Cox. “It was that frequent.” Cox went on to say that the donations from all Divine Nine Greek organizations have been growing by the day.

“I still get notifications about $19.08 donations,” he added. “Every day, several times a day.”


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On the nineteenth day of the eighth month, Senator Kamala Harris made “herstory” when she accepted the nomination as the Vice Presidential Candidate for a major political party. Americans, including little Black and Brown girls, watched with amazement, pride and a renewed sense of hope. We congratulate Senator Harris and wish her the best on this historic journey. This is, indeed, a proud moment for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and the Divine 9. It is a proud moment for women all over this nation and particularly for Black women. It is a proud moment for any citizen of this country who believes in the possibilities that America represents regardless of race, color or creed, sex, nationality or political party. While Alpha Kappa Alpha does not endorse political candidates, we cannot overlook or understate the significance of this historical moment for our sisterhood and for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Indeed, this moment is long overdue. Alpha Kappa Alpha is poised to continue our important work of voter engagement and mobilization during this election season. We remain committed to ensuring that individuals vote. Our 300,000 members comprising more than 1,025 chapters around the world understand that voting is a serious matter, and we are answering the clarion call at this inflection point to serve mankind through our election efforts. Dr. Glenda Glover International President

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