Hughes Brothers’ Take Home Pay For ‘Menace II Society’ Was Meager

After a four-way split, and taxes and fees, the Hughes brothers received a mere $24,000—if that—from their debut film Menace II Society despite the movie being a box office success. 

Albert Hughes, who directed the cultural classic with his twin brother Allen, confirmed the meager earnings in an exclusive interview with VLADTV

“$100,000 between the two Hughes brothers, right, after taxes, agents … we probably made less than $24,000 and not a dime more,” Hughes said. 

When asked if he has ever seen royalties the director responded, “yeah, enough to pay a light bill maybe.”

“Sometimes, you get a check that’s like five cents,” Hughes said. “This ain’t even worth the labor.”

Thirty years ago, Menace II Society was released in theaters May 26, 1993, grossing $3,839,638 opening weekend after producing the film on a $3.5 million budget, The Numbers reported. The movie which contributed to the success of Hollywood actors Tyrin Turner, Jada Pinkett Smith and Larenz Tate, went on to gross $30 million, making the Hughes brothers’ profit that much more abysmal. Luckily for the filmmaking duo, their sophomore effort fetched them far more from Disney Studios.

The brothers received a $1 million check to direct Dead Presidents, another hit movie that raked in $24,000,000 after its 1995 release, and solidified their talents in Tinsel Town.

Menace II Society and Dead Presidents is now streaming on multiple platforms. 

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