Michigan Man Missing Since June Found Dead, Authorities Report

Police were able to find the body of the man described by his family as a 'loving father' five months after he was reported missing

The remains of 27-year-old James Wilkins were found buried in a remote area on Nov. 14 by Michigan State police, Fox 2 News reports. With the aid of a cadaver dog, law enforcement was able to find the body of the man described by his family as a “loving father” five months after he was reported missing.

Authorities arrested Wilkins’ roommate, Donald Renfoe, in August and charged him with tampering with evidence, concealing the death of an individual, possession of a felony firearm, and first-degree murder. They also charged a man identified as Darius Glenn with accessory after the fact for allegedly helping Renfoe conceal the murder. Wilkins’ family reported his suspicious disappearance to police in Warren, Michigan, on June 9 after communication attempts went unanswered. Law enforcement named Renfoe a person of interest in the case early on and suspected foul play.

Yahoo News reports that Wilkins’ loved ones were devastated by his sudden disappearance.

“He does not deserve this to happen to him; he has done nothing all his life he’s been a good boy. He’s never given us problems,” his father, Reggie Edwards, said then.

During the investigation, police executed a search on Wilkins’ apartment and found a recently patched bullet hole as well as what they suspected to be blood, in addition to other items they allege pointed to Renfoe’s guilt.

“Detectives obtained additional evidence that showed that on the date of Wilkins’ disappearance, Renfoe rented cleaning equipment and purchased additional cleaning supplies from a local hardware store,” police said. “The investigation also revealed that Renfoe contacted and worked together with a male friend, Darius Glenn, to clean out Wilkins’ apartment and likely dispose of Wilkins’ body.”

Renfoe allegedly attempted to flee to Ohio before he was arrested on unrelated charges. The man faces a life sentence in prison should he be convicted of Wilkins’ murder.

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