Mike Muse: The Music Man and Political Provocateur
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Mike Muse: The Music Man and The Political Provocateur

Why do you think people are drawn to you and your beliefs when it comes to supporting candidates?

I never sell. I never make the hard ask. This is never about a quota for me. This is about creating an opportunity for an exchange of ideals between the supporters and the candidates. I take pride in knowing the people I bring to the table are first time contributors that are offering a new perspective. It is this respect that I have for the process that I don’t support every candidate. I am selective on who I support. I have to believe in you, as my supporters believe in me. I don’t take that responsibility lightly – I think people recognize that.

What do you say to the people who don’t think politics and pop culture should mix?

I tell them politics is not meant for the ivory tower anymore. America is going through an awakening of engagement. There is more than one way to participate and be involved in the dialogue using your own language.

Does the music business play a part in politics and vice versa?

Yes, they validate each other. They create stylized medicine. Not only does it sound good to you, but it’s actually good for you. The music business is also a melting pot of small business owners that create a marketplace for consumer consumption that feeds the economy which creates tax revues for local, state, and federal programs.

Is there a political future, a position that Mike Muse may one day set his sights on? Will I have a chance to actually place a vote for Mike Muse, the candidate?

Yes, help me vote on my vacation destination after November 6th!

What’s next for Mike Muse after the president is re-elected?

The work doesn’t stop. We all must continue to support his platform to ensure that he gets accomplished all that we put him in the Oval Office to do. He can’t do it alone; that’s of course if America makes the right decision and votes to re-elect President Barack Obama on Nov. 6th!