BE Modern Man - BE 100: David N. Street
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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BE Modern Man- BE 100 - David N. Street

Min. David N. Street, National Director of African American and Faith Engagement for Enroll America. Photo Credit: Reginald Carter

Men of color continue to make extraordinary things happen throughout all industries around the world.

“There are so many young black and brown brothers all over this country that need to see men that look like them doing amazing things,” Street tells BE Modern Man. “If they see it, they can achieve it and when they do our world becomes a better place.”

Street continues to push forward with the hope that stories like his serve as a breath of fresh air amid the rubbish mainstream media feeds us on a consistent basis.

“Over the past two years, I’ve seen images of young black boys shot dead from the bullets of those that were supposed to protect them, says Street. “I’ve seen nonstop images of presidential candidates talking down to immigrants and disrespecting women, and I’ve seen protestors be labeled as heathens.”

Street never bought into the shortlist of stereotypes and limits that were placed upon people of color.

“I would read Black Enterprise magazine as kid in the grocery store while my grandmother would shop for the house. I saw the black images of success and always admired the individuals who were being spotlighted or who were giving advice.”

Now Street is giving the advice and engaging the very youth that he looked like not too long ago.

“To be featured as a BE Modern Man is incredible,” says Street. “I don’t take it lightly because there might be another young man reading my story, telling himself that he can taste success just like the people in this magazine.”

The team commends David N. Street for actively engaging African Americans and reaching them where they are. With the consumer in mind, Street is helping to design tools that the African American community will benefit from. We know that with David Street’s leadership capabilities we will see a reduction in the health disparities that have plagued the African American community for far too long.

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