Mother and Daughter Evicted After Daughter Twerks in Apartment Complex Pool

Mother and Daughter Evicted After Daughter Twerks in Apartment Complex Pool

(Photo: The Charlotte Observer)

A little bit of twerking has gotten a teenager and her mom evicted from their Charlotte apartment complex.

Marshette Foster is speaking out after learning she and her daughter, Alana Foster, 21, are being evicted following a twerking encounter at the pool, The Charlotte Observer reported.

“That’s egregious,” she told building management.

But Element SouthPark management claims the eviction is a result of “extremely unacceptable behaviors” Alana and her friends displayed in the community area.

On April 30, a building concierge approached Alana about twerking at the pool. The young woman claims to have apologized and said she would stop. However, what followed was an eviction notice.

In addition to the twerking, building personnel claims Alana had too many guests at the pool, and fighting occurred. Marshette claims she has never seen white residents being told they have too many guests at the pool.

The mother admits that her daughter’s friend cursed at the concierge after being told there were too many of them at the pool because they reportedly said nothing to the white groups with over four or five guests.

However, just two days after the incident, Marshette says Element SouthPark’s property manager told her that she was being evicted after the daughter’s friend verbally attacked the concierge. The building released a statement that it prides itself on having diverse residents in the pricey residential building. But after multiple reports from building dwellers, the building had to take action.

“Resident statements and video show the resident and her guests performing acts of public nudity, fighting, and other extremely unacceptable behaviors for any of our residents to witness, but it is especially unacceptable due to the presence of small children,” Element SouthPark said.

Marshette, who moved into the $2,600/month two-bedroom apartment last July, claims the building’s allegations are false.

“They’re making us out to be unkempt, uncouth, that we don’t follow the rules,” she said. “It’s not true. It’s like they’re fabricating.”

The mother has since retained lawyer Shawntae Crews, who advised her to remain in the apartment past Sunday’s deadline ahead of a legal filing to contest the eviction.