Naomi Osaka’s KINLÓ Taps Five Black NCAA Athletes For Skin Protection Campaign

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka is using her KINLÒ company to promote healthy skin care and she’s bringing five Black college athletes along for the ride.

As part of KINLÒ’s inaugural #GlowOutside campaign, the suncare brand announced NIL brand partnerships with five college athletes aimed at educating communities of color about the importance of year-round SPF use for melanin-rich skin, according to a press release. 

The athletes align with KINLÒ’s values of empowering their communities, embracing diversity, and striving to create a broader positive cultural impact. They are Deja Kelly, the University of North Carolina (basketball);  Reilyn Turner, UCLA (soccer); Robert Dillingham, University of Kentucky (basketball): Xolani Hodel, Stanford University (beach volleyball), and Ziyah Holman, University of Michigan (track and field).

The student-athletes will help demonstrate how Osaka’s suncare products can and should be used as protection against sun damage and serve as advocates for skin protection from the sun for people with melanated skin.

“I’m so excited to partner with these amazing student athletes to help spread awareness for our Glow Outside campaign,” Osaka said.

“As young, influential voices in the space, they are the perfect fit to help champion such an important initiative and as a brand, we couldn’t be prouder to empower and support NCAA athletes.”

Kelly was selected as a KINLÒ brand ambassador for her demonstrated work in her community and desire to give back, Forbes reported. KINLÒ acknowledged Kelly as one NCAA athlete who uses her voice to help young women in business and sports.

“Having the opportunity lock arms with a cultural icon like Naomi is an honor in and of itself,” said Kelly. “But to pair that with a product that is so useful for people who look like me made this partnership a no-brainer.”

Products the athletes will be promoting include KINLÒ’s Golden Rays Sunscreen, Always Golden Daily Moisturizer, Always Golden Body Lotion, Hydrating Golden Mist, and UV Detection Stickers.

The campaign comes after KINLÒ expanded to Walmart in April.