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Nate Dogg’s Estate Settled: $2.7M Distribution Among Widow And 9 Children

The resolution of Nate Dogg's estate has brought closure, as court documents obtained by Radar Online unveil the final settlement, valued at $2.7 million.

The resolution of Nate Dogg’s estate has brought closure to a lengthy legal battle, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online, revealing the final settlement, valued at $2.7 million. Following the death of the legendary rapper in 2011, the estate’s administrator has been directed to distribute the funds evenly among Nate’s widow, LaToya Calvin, and his nine children, an increase from the initially believed six children.

In a surprising revelation, the probate judge established Nate Dogg as the legal father of three additional children, altering the dynamics of the inheritance. Notably, the estate administrator has settled all outstanding debts, including a $144,000 IRS bill, relieving the survivors of any further financial obligations.

The conclusion of this settlement marks the end of a contentious legal battle over Nate Dogg’s estate. The rapper passed away without a will in 2011, leading to complications in distributing assets among his children from different relationships. LaToya Calvin, Nate’s wife at the time of his death, nominated herself as the executor, prompting a prolonged court battle with the rapper’s children.

Amid the legal proceedings, Nate Dogg’s children contended that he intended to divorce Calvin before his demise, presenting evidence of a divorce filing just 19 days before his death. As the legal wife, Calvin was entitled to a share of the estate.

In a further twist, Nate Dogg’s ex-girlfriend, Shereda Williams, sought the court’s intervention to secure child support for their 17-year-old son, Jayden. Williams provided court documents revealing the late rapper’s commitment to $4,358 per month in child support, signed in 2006. However, court orders two years after Nate Dogg’s death reduced the payments to $3,000 per month.

Williams, citing a “mistake in the court filings,” expressed concerns about losing the child support and petitioned the court to access funds from Nate Dogg’s estate. The final estate ruling, however, ensures that Jayden’s provisions are addressed.

The distribution of the estate’s assets and the settlement of debts have resolved the legal complexities surrounding Nate Dogg’s legacy.

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