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New Attitude, New Generation

achieve your financial goals and boost your net worth. In fact, we’ve also revamped our Wealth for Life section so you will get clear, concise advice from the magazine’s most trusted source: our editors. To ensure you’re able to spot viable prospects in this tough job market, we’ve beefed up our Workplace section as well. Beginning with this issue, check out our monthly “Where the Jobs Are” series for an outlook on emerging industries, complete with insider tips on how to gain employment.

“We have the most knowledgeable editorial teams when it comes to business, personal finance, and career development. We want our audience to take full advantage of their expertise,” says Editor-in-Chief Derek T. Dingle. “So we have extended our commitment to reader service. We will help you develop and execute a game plan to capture your slice of the American Dream.”

Our editors also take great pride in their talent for spotting rising stars. In this issue, we identify a new generation of young, bold transformers and, in the process, give birth to what we expect to be an enduring franchise: BE Next. This exclusive group of corporate professionals and entrepreneurs, ages 21 to 35, seeks to change domestic and global commerce as they assume the mantle of business leadership. As part of our cover package, “BE Next: The Next Generation of Risk-Takers & Dealmakers,” you’ll follow stories of some extraordinary entrepreneurs: Jamail Larkins, the 25-year-old founder of Ascension Aircraft, a $8.4 million aircraft management services firm; Nakia Stith, the 31-year-old CEO of Top of the Clock Inc., a Philadelphia-based security firm that grossed $4.6 million; Natasha Eubanks, creator of Young, Black & Fabulous L.L.C., a $1 million entertainment blogsite; and Darnell Henderson, the 31-year-old founder of H.I.M-istry skincare line that retails at Macy’s and produced nearly $1 million in revenues in 2009.

Although they’ve made great strides, they also share the challenges they’ve had to overcome. “You’re a 20-year-old kid in their eyes, coming in and saying, ‘I need a loan for $1 million, $2 million,’” asserts Larkins. “And [then I tell them], ‘I’ve been in the industry for the past eight years and here are my past financials. Here are some of the previous transactions that we’ve done. Here are some of our clients. And here’s what we do.’ Then they start to take you a little [more] seriously.”

We have the same excitement about launching our new franchise as well. Small Business Editor Tennille M. Robinson, 27, led the creation of this issue’s editorial package and is involved in the development of franchise extensions that will appear regularly on our digital, broadcast, and event platforms. BE Next represents a company-wide collaboration; the awesome cover shoot featuring