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New Attitude, New Generation

Larkins, Stith, Eubanks, and Henderson was indicative of our collaborative spirit. Senior Photo Editor Lonnie Major and Graphic Designer Todd Chapman constructed the set–a bold, metallic replica of the BE Next logo. Renita Burns, editorial assistant for Interactive, tweeted all aspects of the shoot, complete with photos. Broadcast Director Genevieve Michel-Bryan directed Editorial Assistant LaToya Smith as she gave a behind-the-scenes video report on the making of the cover–view it on The team also got support from several young business leaders who have previously appeared in the magazine: shoes were provided by Shawn and Shane Ward of DETNY, who graced our January 2007 cover; and Samanta Shoes, from our August 2007 cover package, “Best of Everything,” while the wardrobe was supplied by Wildchild Nation, featured in the November 2009 article, “Ready, Set, Grow.”

What’s next for BE Next? Look for a series of magazine features highlighting BE Nexters in an array of fields. There will also be coverage on our television shows; sessions at our Women of Power Summit, Feb. 10—13 in La Quinta, California, and Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo, May 16—19 in Atlanta; plus exclusive videos, blogs, updates, and an open call for submissions on our Website so you can identify dynamic, young achievers.

So whether we’re helping you rebalance your investment portfolio, find a new career, launch a dream business, or learn from the example of others, be will continue to deliver the highest quality how-to information in the media platform most accessible to you. That’s the new attitude we’re bringing to you.