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New Housing Keeps Black Teachers In The Bay Area

Riaz Capital and Urban Ed Academy are proud to announce a partnership to provide beautiful new-construction apartments to Black teachers in the Bay Area. The partnership will initially house 10 teachers in Oakland, with additional housing placements to come.

Riaz Capital is a pioneer in providing affordable high-quality middle-income housing in the Bay Area. Urban Ed Academy is a leading non-profit organization that supports Black men pursuing careers in Education. The initial 10 teachers will be housed at Artthaus Six, Riaz Capital’s latest new-construction development in Oakland.

Urban Ed Academy is a trailblazing educational organization that champions educational equity and works tirelessly to empower students and educators alike. The partnership with Riaz Capital aligns perfectly with their mission, as it addresses the unique housing challenges faced by Black teachers in the Bay Area and promotes Black representation within the teaching workforce.

According to the National Education Association, only 2% of teachers in America are Black men. A recent John Hopkins University study found that if Black students even have one Black teacher by third grade, they are 13% more likely to attend college. By offering housing solutions specifically tailored to Black male teachers, Riaz Capital and Urban Ed Academy are taking proactive steps to address this issue and promote greater diversity in the education system.

The partnership between Riaz Capital and Urban Ed Academy represents their joint commitment to community empowerment, educational excellence, and equitable opportunities. By removing the housing burden, Riaz Capital and Urban Ed Academy aim to retain Black male educators and support their professional growth and overall well-being.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Urban Ed Academy on this transformative initiative,” said Riaz Taplin, CEO of Riaz Capital. “Our goal is to empower Black teachers by providing exceptional housing opportunities. By supporting their well-being, we contribute to their ability to positively impact the lives of students.” By addressing the housing needs of Black teachers, this collaboration creates a positive ripple effect that extends beyond the educators themselves, benefitting the students they teach and the broader community.

“Our teachers deserve the opportunity to live near the schools they serve and this partnership helps us make that happen. Riaz Capital has been an amazing partner throughout this process and their commitment to innovative racial equity strategies was clear to us from the start. Black teachers have a real champion in Riaz Capital.” said Randal Seriguchi Jr., Executive Director of Urban Ed Academy.

Through its support of Black male teachers, the Riaz Capital and Urban Ed Academy partnership has set a powerful precedent for the advancement of educational equity. By offering dedicated housing, this initiative seeks to attract, retain, and uplift Black male educators, positively impacting educational experiences and outcomes for students in the Bay Area.

This news first appeared on prnewswire.com.