Next Gen Resumes: How to Present 360-View of You

Next Gen Resumes: How to Present 360-View of You

Vizify: Last but certainly not least is Vizify. It does the best job I’ve seen with creating a user experience within the site. It has all the perks that other sites come with, like LinkedIn integration for creating a profile, but the best thing about Vizify is that visitors go on a journey through several aspects of your life. At the moment, I am a big fan of the Locations section that allows users to highlight the breadth of their experience here and abroad, both in a personal and professional context.

Try one—or all—of these tools to see what best fits to show the full picture of what you offer to the job market and the world at large.

James S. Walker (@jaywalk1 ) is a global digital manager on the Nature Conservancy’s international digital marketing team. Intrigued by how social and cultural insights connect people on a global level, Walker has completed long-term project assignments in China and Mongolia, and chronicles his thoughts on the industry via his blog, PR Prescriptions, and Website, Socially Diverse.