Ne-Yo: Conquering Acting, Music and Fashion One Step at a Time

Ne-Yo Decoded: The Man, The Musician, The Mogul

Figure out exactly what you want to do. “You have to figure out what the finish line is before you start running,” said Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo stresses that a lot of people know that they don’t like their current job but don’ t know what they really want to do.

“The whole ‘Oh I got time’.. no you don’t. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone,” said Ne-Yo.

Research what it will take to get there. “We live in the information age. Get online, read up, get all the information on what you want to do so when you got the opportunity, you are ready. Hone your craft and know that it will not happen overnight. Anything worth it is not going to happen overnight,” said Ne-Yo.

Manage your money. “For whatever reason, us as people, we get a little bit of money and we spend it like it’s never going to go away and then when it does, we wonder where it went. You got to put the money back into your company, that’s how you make your money,” said Ne-Yo.

Work life balance is one of the toughest things you can face in any industry, especially if you are working on building a business. Ne-Yo is the proud father of a daughter Madilyn and son Mason, as well as the fiancée’ of Monetta Shaw who is also the children’s mother. Ne-Yo does his best to take some time off from work, even if it means turning off his phone for a day.

“It takes a lot of understanding, as far as your family is concerned as well as your business partners,” says Ne-Yo. “I’d love to be there for every milestone in their life, but if I want their lives to go the way I need them to go, that can’t be. Lord willing, the harder I work now, the less I have to work later on so hopefully I can spend more time with them.”