8-Year-Old Nia Mya Reese Writes Best-Selling Book About Her ‘Annoying’ Brother

At just 8 years old, Nia Mya Reese has officially become a best-selling author, which is no easy feat for an adult, let alone a child.

Reese, a third-grader from Birmingham, Alabama, was inspired to pen a book when her first-grade teacher asked her class to write about a topic within their realm of expertise. Being confident in her ability to take care for her younger brother, Reese decided to offer advice on how to be a good older sibling. Entitled “How To Deal With and Care For Your Annoying Little Brother,” the book encourages siblings to practice love, patience, and kindness.

(Image: Twitter/NiaMyaReese)


Reese’s mom, Cherinita Ladd-Reese, says that she was so moved by her daughter’s book that she pushed her to continue working on the project even though her class assignment was complete.

“I was very, very tickled. I said ‘I think you wrote your first self-help book for kids,'” Ladd-Reese told TODAY.com.

“We went through a long process,” Reese said about revising her work. “My mommy checked it.”

Reese’s hard work paid off. Two years later, her story became a best-selling book listed on Amazon’s Parenting section.

“My granddaughter loved this book. She and her brother have a classic sibling rivalry relationship and this book has shown her ways to deal with her younger brother. She is 6 and he’s 3 and they can have some knock down drag out fights. lol,” reads one customer review on Amazon.

Not only is the book getting rave reviews, Reese’s teacher says it is a great learning tool for her peers in school who have to deal with irritating siblings at home. On top of that, Reese has been taking her inspirational message around the nation as she travels across the country doing book signings. She has even been featured on CBS Evening News, NBC’s Harry talk show, and in Stylist magazine.

When she’s not signing autographs and doing media interviews, Reese enjoys spending time playing with her dolls and working on her next book.

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