Nick F. Nelson's "Stay Tuned" Offers Tips on Work-Life Balance
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Nick F.

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In his book debut book, Stay Tuned: Balancing Faith, Family and Career Without Comprising You, Nick F. Nelson details how to find success in both life and career. It also illustrates the importance of spiritual and mental balance, and offers wisdom and practical advice for professional men to maintain a work-life balance, find peace, and deepen their spiritual connection with God.

Each chapter is beautifully organized and ends with a set of takeaways that highlight the most important aspects to be imparted. This book is geared toward black men, but serves just as well to black women. Nelson’s book is written not just from the mind of a business executive. Rather, it was written with regards to all the hats Nelson wears; he is a father, a son, a business leader, and community leader.



Stay Tuned Covers, in Detail, How To:


  • Find your purpose in life.
  • Find a work-life balance
  • Understand why your last name is more important than your first.
  • How to be a leader.
  • How to brand yourself appropriately and develop a good personal reputation.
  • How to be present in life.


Nelson’s purpose for writing the book was to help guide other black men and black, male business owners, who share his issue: “On the outside, we appear to have it all together, but on the inside, we are emotionally and physically exhausted,” he says.

While the book is written from a man’s perspective, it also provides valuable insight for women, who want to understand what confronts professional men as they navigate the business world, while keeping their families at the center of their daily lives.



Dr. Dionne Mahaffey is an Atlanta-based writer, business psychologist and founder of The WhereU app. Follow her on Twitter @ATLcelebrity,  @WhereUCameFrom

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